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Julian Lennon

*Full name: John Charles Julian Lennon
*Birthday: April 8, 1963
*Parents: John and Cynthia Lennon
*Birthplace: General Hospital, Sefton, Liverpool, England
*Half-brother: Sean Taro Ono Lennon
*Stepsister: Kyoko Cox
*John first saw Julian when he was a week old due to touring.
*Paul McCartney wrote the song "Hey Jude" for Julian during the time that Julian's parents were getting a divorce in 1968.
*Yoko Ono became Julian's stepmother in 1969 when she and John were married. Roberto Bassanini was the first of Julian's three stepfathers, marrying Cynthia in 1970. He became a father figure to Julian and remained close after Roberto and Cyn divorced in 1974 until he died in the 1990s. His second stepfather was John Twist (he was married to Cyn from around 1978-1981), and his current stepfather is Noel Charles, who married Julian's mother in 2002.
*Julian visited at John's house regularly on the weekends until John and Yoko moved to New York City. John and Julian never saw or spoke to each other for three years.
*In 1974, John and Yoko separated, and Cynthia asked John to reconnect with his son. May Pang, John's girlfriend, encouraged him to do so, and John started talking to Julian more with phone calls, letters and gifts. That Christmas, John invited Cynthia and Julian to Los Angeles, where he was staying, and took them to Disneyland. His concern was mainly for Julian while they were there. They went to New York and soon after, Cynthia and Julian went back to England.
*Julian went to New York whenever he could during school holidays. In April 1979, John took Julian, Yoko, Sean, Yoko's family and a few friends to West Palm Beach, Florida, where John gave a birthday party for Julian. Later, they went to New York and Julian went back to England. That was the last time Julian and John saw each other.
*In December 1980, John Twist, Cynthia's husband, received the news that John had been shot and killed and informed Julian. Cynthia was away visiting Maureen Starkey. Cynthia came home quickly after hearing the news and sent Julian to New York.
*Julian is a singer. He has released a few albums: Valotte (1984), The Secret Value of Daydreaming (1986), Mr. Jordan (1989), Help Yourself (1991), Photograph Smile (1997)
*Julian had enough and left the music industry in 1993, but came back in 1997 with his own record label called Music from Another Room.
*He has been romantically linked to Sally Hudson, Katie Lotto, Stephanie La Motta (who also dated Ringo Starr), Debbie Boyland, Katherine Wagner, Fiona, Olivia d'Abo, Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling, Valeria Golino, and Lucy Bayliss. He has also been seen with Petra Nemcova.
*He was the bartender in the movie, Leaving Las Vegas, in 1995.
*He opened the Blowfish Sushi to Die For restaurant in San Francisco in 2004, and will be opening the Red Bar & Grill in the near future.
*Julian lives in Monte Carlo. He is currently working on a new album.

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