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Cynthia Lennon

This biography is far from being done, so check back regularly for updates!

Cynthia was born September 10, 1939 to Charles and Lillian Powell in Blackpool, England, and shortly after moved to Hoylake.
Cynthia has two brothers, Tony and Charles.
She married John Lennon on August 23, 1962, at Mount Pleasant Register Office in Liverpool. They had one child together, John Charles Julian Lennon, born on April 8, 1963. They divorced on November 8, 1968, on the grounds of John's adultery with Yoko Ono.
On August 1, 1970, Cynthia married an Italian hotelier, Roberto Bassanini. They were divorced in December 1973.
In 1976, Cynthia married an engineer named John Twist. They divorced in 1983. After this, Cynthia changed her last name back to Lennon by deed poll.
She now lives in Normandy, France, with her husband, Noel Charles. They were married on June 7, 2002. She is a painter and lives a low-profile lifestyle. She recently published a new book, sort of like her first book in 1978, "A Twist of Lennon." This book is titled "John" and talks about her life with John from when they first met to when they split and she also talks about her personal life, from birth to now.

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