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Pattie pictures

Put your cursor over the picture to see information and click on the picture to see it full size.

George and Pattie Harrison

George and Pattie

George and Pattie

On their first trip to India, 1966

On the set of A Hard Day's Night, 1964

Signing the marriage license, January 21, 1966

Wedding day, January 21. 1966

With Brian Epstein, January 21, 1966

On honeymoon in Barbardos, February 1966

On honeymoon in Barbados, February 1966

Pattie Boyd

Early modeling assignment

Scene from A Hard Day's Night with John and Paul

With Pru Bury and Paul in A Hard Day's Night

Eric and Pattie Clapton

Eric and Pattie

Wedding day, March 27, 1979

Pattie Boyd and Rod Weston

In 2002

More photos will be added later! Check back for updates.

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