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McCall's - May 1993

Patti Finds "Something" Better
"There are moments you'd like to bottle up and take out and look at every so often."
Patti Boyd and George Harrison fell for each other when the 19-year-old model played the part of a star-struck fan in the Beatles' 1964 movie A Hard Day's Night. They married in 1966, and George even said she inspired him to write his famous love song "Something." Yet problems were inevitable. George's best friend, rock star Eric Clapton, for example, was so pained by his unrequited love for Patti that he slipped into heroin addiction. By the early '70s George and Patti had grown apart, and in 1977 they finally divorced. Patti married Eric two years later, but their marriage ended in 1988 after Eric had an affair and fathered a child (who died two years ago) with Italian actress Lori Del Santo.
These days Patti, a photographer living in Fulham, England, says she keeps the doomed love affairs where they belong-in the past. "I love to listen to 'Something' and 'Layla' (the legendary love song Clapton wrote for her) and of course I get an internal thrill knowing they were written for me, but the moment passes," she said.
She's now involved with Rod Weston, a property developer eight years her junior. But just because she no longer has high-profile lovers doesn't mean her social standing has fallen. "Patti never kissed and told, so she is very popular in the smartest circles, and people like Keith Richards and Mick Jagger treat her like royalty and invite her to their homes," says Beatles biographer John Blake.

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